• specialized petroleum training at highly subsidized rates
  • proficiency to operate in the Industry appropriately
  • Building expertise and excellence
  • providing specialized petroleum training in Africa
  • equipping with proficiency, skills and competences

Welcome to the School of Petroleum Studies.

The School of Petroleum Studies was incorporated in 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Petroleum Institute of East Africa (PIEA) with the prime objective of offering first class specialized training with a curriculum focused on downstream and upstream oil and gas. The establishment of the school is a reflection of the essence of the PIEA Mission Statement:
To provide a forum for expertise and excellence in the oil industry in the East African region with the aim of promoting professionalism and free enterprise in the petroleum business supported by the highest business operating standards , and adherence to Environment, Health and Safety ideals.
The School of Petroleum Studies is stewarded by a Management Committee of professionals drawn from the PIEA member companies. Resource persons are individuals with proven vast oil industry experience currently either working in the oil industry or in petroleum consultancy firms.
The longer diploma courses are designed to equip persons already working and also those aspiring to work in the oil sector with broad knowledge of the oil industry. Diploma courses are designed to be offered in the evenings and Saturdays for 9-12 months.
The short five day courses are geared towards meeting specific knowledge and skills in specialized areas. The School will also offer client tailor-made in-house short courses that will meet specific training needs.
The training needs and curriculum have been exhaustively reviewed by the Management committee to ensure that they reflect the immediate and future needs of the oil industry.
Plans are underway to link the School of Petroleum Studies with a University offering energy and petroleum studies