• facilitating industry stakeholder's interaction,...
  • developing and maintaining industry standards
  • promoting interests independent of regulatory and commercial interests
  • lobbying for the enactment of safety guidelines
  • fostering foreign and domestic trade
  • Providing the viable go between for government, stakeholder interaction


"The PIEA's mission is to provide a forum for expertise and excellence in the oil industry in the East African region with the aim of promoting professionalism and free enterprise in petroleum business supported by the highest business and operating standards, adherence to Environment, Health and Safety ideals."
The PIEA was launched on 8th July 1999 in response to a recognised need in the Industry. In the past few years, and particularly following liberalisation of the Kenyan Petroleum Sector in October 1994, it has increasingly been felt by the Industry's players and, as has been reported in the media, e.g. the "INVESTOR NEWS" Oct/Nov 1997 issue that, "The Oil Companies however lack an organised body which could liaise with the Ministry over Industry policy issues or jointly articulate the Industry's concerns."
As the Industry moves from a self-regulating Industry to an open and aggressively competitive sector, it is increasingly obvious to all players, including Government, that a level playing field with rules governing all areas of business for all players, new and old, large and small, International and Local, corporate and individual entrepreneurs, is essential to safeguard all interests including the public's.
Additionally, as the Industry develops, so are the changing needs of a rapidly expanding Industry and it is necessary that a structure for initiating change, promoting petroleum interests, serving as a forum for co-operation within the Industry, the Government and Public be in place. More importantly, the opportunity to preserve an Industry focus independent of Government and Commercial interest is of key benefit.
PIEA will develop relations with Government, Government agencies, and relevant professional bodies and trade associations" particularly in Eastern Africa. It will actively promote the PIEA's distinctive position on issues where it is in the interests of members to do so.
Through effective communications, PIEA will ensure that its aims and achievements and the range of services which it provides such as organising technical meetings, conferences, workshops and making available technical and non-technical materials, are recognised both by existing and potential members, by Government, the public and other bodies it seeks to co-operate with and influence. A guiding principle in PIEA endeavours is to be devoid of all commercial interests ensuring the observance of antitrust policies in its activities.
The Institute has its basis of incorporation two fundamental principles:

  • To adhere to the highest possible ethical and professional standards.
  • To promote the interest of the petroleum Industry independent of specific regulatory and commercial interests.