• facilitating industry stakeholder's interaction,...
  • developing and maintaining industry standards
  • promoting interests independent of regulatory and commercial interests
  • lobbying for the enactment of safety guidelines
  • fostering foreign and domestic trade
  • Providing the viable go between for government, stakeholder interaction


  1. To promote the interest of the petroleum industry in all its branches in being a forum that provides a focal point for interaction between all interested in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  2. To promote the mutual improvements of its members and assisting members to acquire the professional knowledge, values and understanding they require throughout their careers.
  3. To provide an Industry focus independent of government and commercial interest.
  4. To lobby the for enactment of comprehensive guidelines necessary for the advancement and safety for the Petroleum Industry.
  5. To foster foreign and domestic trade in East African Petroleum products.
  6. To preserve an industry focus independent of Government and commercial interests.
  7. To afford a means of co-operation with government in all matters of national and regional concern.